Friday, January 14, 2011

How to get indexed in Google Fast

I have read a couple of different articles about how fast pages get indexed by Google. I thought it would be interesting to analyze some data.

To know when Google has Indexed a page, I use Google Alerts. I find this very handy for getting notified when Google adds related pages to it’s index. I receive a Google alerts e-mail every day. I used the time-stamp from the e-mail as the time when Google indexed the page.

When pages are added to they are marked with a time-stamp (Date Added). This will be used for the time-stamp for when the feed was added to

I chose the following 5 Examples. You will note that 4 of these the time from when the RSS Feed was submitted to till when Google indexed the page was less 12 hours. The fifth example took around 9 months. I can’t say that I understand why this last example took so long. Looking quickly through my past Google Alerts, I did not see any other example that took more then a couple of days.

Feedage works hard to optimize the pages for indexing and we submit updated sitemaps to google daily, Google crawls ~100,000 pages per day. Each of these pages contain the links back to the originating site. This allows Google to follow these links and will improve your probability of getting indexed.

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